Thursday, February 20, 2014

Could You Trust and Obey?

If someone asked you to sell all your possessions, give it to the poor, and follow them, could you do it?
If it meant a better life I would like to say yes. I think I could. I know that with the knowledge I have about living frugally I could do it. But, upon further inspection, I found a lingering doubt begin to form in the back of my mind. What kind of luxuries would I be asked to give up?
I remember watching a show called “Secret Millionaire”. It was about a person of great wealth that decided to give up their live style for a week to see how the lower income people lived. They were given a strict budget to buy everything they needed to survive for the week. Often it was no more than $30.00-$100.00 depending on the amount of people doing the challenge. The millionaire would then volunteer their services to three shelters, or private people, that helped others less fortunate than themselves, without greed or personal gain. Many times this secret millionaire would be amazed at the generosity of the person, or shelter, they were helping. Most of the people helping others in their community were so poor themselves that they could barely manage their own households financially, but always found a way to give more to ease the suffering of others. At the end of the show, the secret millionaire pulled out his/her wallet and gave three generous donations to those people, or shelters, they had helped that week. Being so moved and impressed by this show I wanted to be a millionaire. I would love to have the ability to change someone's life like this.
Matthew 19: 16-26 tells a different story. It is a story about a wealthy man asking Jesus what he needed to do to have eternal life. Jesus' first response was to follow the ten commandments. The wealthy man thought he had it made. He had kept the laws but knew he was still lacking. So he asked what else he needed to do. Jesus said, “If though wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.” The wealthy man walked away in sorrow. He didn't think he could live without his worldly treasures.
After reading this story in Matthew and watching the “Secret Millionaire”, I had to ask myself, which one am I?
Would I rather have riches here or treasures in Heaven?
For now, I will reserve my answers to these questions. Instead will ask my readers to answer these questions for themselves.
I also realized, as I write this...I don't have to be a millionaire to help someone. I have, and can, help others less fortunate than myself simply by doing what I have done. The only difference would be to ask myself...what more could I do?
Each day I face a struggle of some kind as a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, or friend. Yes, even as a writer because of the pressures of writing politically correct. I find it difficult to be a Godly woman in an ungodly time. Many times I want to weep myself because of the stress of daily life.
It is in those moments...those struggles...that I look to my faith. I am a sinner. I will always sin no matter how hard I try not to. I may be a stumbling block for someone and not realize it. (I am sorry if this has happened.) Many will question my faith, be angry with me and call me names, but I know the truth in my heart. I have been given the freedom to choose. I have seen miracles and experienced miracles in a way that is impossible to explain. God is the creator of my world but it is through Jesus that I have been given the free gift of salvation. For it is only through him that we are saved and given eternal life.
Could you give up everything for Jesus?
Could you give up worldly greatness in exchange for heavenly treasure?
It is a spiritually dangerous territory to give up selfish impulse in exchange for eternal life. It requires a daily battle, spiritual armor, trust, prayer, and repenting of sins. It is a difficult road. But, in the end, heavenly treasure will outweigh the earthly reward.
I write for the love of writing. I help others because I enjoy the priceless look of surprise on their faces. I don't care about fortunes or fame.
My house isn't much but feels like a palace. My car is nothing to look at but gets me from point A to point B. I don't have the fancy cloths or flashy jewels. Most of the time no one recognizes my name.
Money can't buy the love and happiness I have with my family. Greed and power can't buy compassion and the gift of a smile. Fortune and fame can't replace the love and salvation Jesus offers me.
I will gladly give up worldly greatness in exchange for heavenly treasure.  

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