Friday, February 28, 2014

Funny this Friday, February 28, 2014

My little grandson...the ham
photo by tlpoague
I have been running ideas around my head all day trying to come up with a topic to write about. Nothing. Zilch. No luck. So, I do what I usually do in a moment like this. I poke around on Facebook, check out a few hubs on HubPages, bog my way through Bubblews, and finish a round on Google + in the hopes that something will spark an interest. When that didn't work, I made a pass at reading other blogs.
Then it hit me.
A few days ago I was having a conversation with a friend on FB. She told me that if I ever had a reality show on my family, she would love to watch it. This led to us sharing a few videos and laughing hard enough that a toilet was in order.'s serving is Funny Friday.
I have this 13 month old grandson that is a comedian. He is so cute with his dark eyes, dimples, curls, and laugh, that women will stop us to tell us how precious and cute he is. (Even with his curls cut off he is still so adorable you want to hug him all day.)
So children call to say they were coming over for a visit with our little comedian. This was clue that we needed to baby proof the house in under ten minutes. Quickly Mr. P. and I raced through the house putting up gates, making sure the plug-ins were covered, items to be broken placed know...the usual stuff.
We had an enjoyable evening that started with dinner. While eating we watched our little ham put on a show for us. He made Incredible Hulk faces, scrunched up his nose, and fed Bella (our dog) when he thought on one was looking. If we laughed, he would laugh. If I scolded something his mom said, he would do the same. My sides still hurt when I think about it.
After dinner, my daughter helped to clear the table, while the men drifted off to the war room to resume their computer game. (For those that may not know...our family bonding hour consists of loads of computer games.) Since the little ham followed the men, my daughter and I resumed our task of cleaning.
We were chatting away about much of nothing while doing dishes, when my daughter suddenly grew quiet and drifted off towards the dinning room. I asked her what was wrong. She stated that little J was much too quiet. She was going to check on him.
Bella and my grandson
photo by tlpoague

Just as I was finishing the rinse job on a plate in my hand, I hear her say, “Julius...what are you doing?”
This peaked my curiosity so I grabbed my camera, on my way, in search of what the commotion was about.
Sitting in the dark was my wonderful grandson. He had grown quiet because he knew what he was doing would get him into trouble, but he couldn't resist the lure. He had climbed over the barricade we had made to keep him away from the wood burning stove. (I should have known that this would not keep him out since he has realized he can climb over gates, out of his crib, and open certain doors.)
My daughter flipped on the light and shook her head. Camera rolling, I couldn't help but laugh a little and scold him myself.
There he was...pleased as can be...playing in the ashes. He had found his own personal sandbox.
This is our little grandson getting busted...

How could you scold a face so cute?...  
Our little J
photo by tlpoague

tlpoague 2014

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