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Is A Housewife Unworthy Because She Doesn't Hold a Job?

This is what I want to look like most days.
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What does a housewife mean to you? Are you one or know of one? Do you think that because a housewife doesn't hold a job, she is unworthy?
I was having a chat the other day with a friend. Some of you may know her as RealHousewife. We were talking about how some people view housewives. Did you know that there are people that think being a housewife is unworthy? They see them as having no status, no self worth, just a free-loader off their spouse or partner.
  Let me tell ya, unless you have been a housewife, you will have know clue how much work it takes to be one. Sure anyone can take out the trash, do some laundry, and pay some bills. The question is...have you ever tried to accomplish those tasks while having a crying baby attached to your hip, a phone plugged in your ear, and wiping up the dog package on the floor? Sound easy? Let's add a time-line to this scenario. Let's say you have important company coming—or a TV guy to install your dish-- you have only thirty minutes to take out the trash, wash the sticky Kool-aid on the tile, change a blown out diaper, bath the other child covered in sugar, finish your conversation with your doctor on the phone, while your hubby just walks in the door early for lunch. Do you still think a housewife is worthless?
This is how I look most days.
Photo by tlpoague
I have been a housewife for years. I remember days of little-to-no sleep because my children slept in shifts, despite trying to keep them on a schedule. I remember days of finding a balance between being a chauffeur, secretary, doctor, and maid. It is not an easy task when a household depends on you to remember everything.
  During the few years I did work, I seen work as a vacation. A brief moment to get away and recharge. It didn't take long for me to realize I didn't like working. I was filled with guilt that I wasn't there for my children and husband as they needed me. I was wasting finances working to pay a sitter. I disliked how the house felt detached and unorganized. Family bonding hour meant a lot, and still does, even now that my children are grown and moved into their own homes.
  I have a faith in the Lord that helps me in my struggles of being a homemaker. On those days when I am feeling unworthy, I seek the guidance of God. It may take simple prayer or only a verse to remind me how blessed I am with the gifts I have been given.
Proverbs 31:10-31 gives a description of a good wife (homemaker/housewife). It is a woman that her husband trusts with all his heart. She is a craftsman (craftswoman) that takes pleasure fulfilling the needs of her family. She is the seamstress, crafter, designer. She is a chef and baker. She is a gardener. She is a giver to those in need. She is a woman filled with strength and honor in herself, and her family.

I will always take pride in being a housewife.   

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