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Silly Sunday-March 2, 2014

Can you see that doggy in the snow drift...arf, arf,
photo by tlpoague
Good morning! Welcome, welcome, come on in and have a spot of tea, or a cup of your favorite java. I even have hot chocolate to give ya a shot of sugar to warm your veins. It's a cold one out there!
How's the weather in your area? It is so cold here, I fear my rear has become permanently attached to this chair. My poor bundle of fluff could barely made it to the edge of the porch to do her business. She was back in a flash before I could shut the door.
Please forgive my stumbling of words. My brain is still trying to thaw. Who knows what may fumble out before I've had a chance to process it.
Did you see that picture of the Smurf baby touring the net? Ya know...the one that looked like he had poo'd a cake? I thought the poor kid was on a rampage cuz someone was going to steal his baby crack. That's a lot of sugar for a small fry. Goodness, that reminds me of when we celebrated my grandson's 1st birthday. He wouldn't touch his cake. I guess he thought it might bite him back.
That cavity search on the toilet my nephew performed went well. They were able to extract out the plastic culprit with minor difficulties. I'm still wrapping my noggin around how Zee thought it would fit down the pipe. Kids these days...
Y'all remember Big Nam? Well, he informed me, the other day, that he doesn't like his online name. He was even less happier when he found out how his grandson came up with it. Goodness, he was fuming so bad he wouldn't talk to me for a bit. I don't know wasn't like I was talking bad about him or something. I was making him a legend for the youngsters in our clan. Anyway, I decided to use his ol' nickname from back in the day...Slim. We'll see how mad he gets this go around. Quirks and all, I think he's priceless. I sure love my dad. He will always be a legend in my eyes.
I finally figured out why some people think writers are a bit strange. Maybe even a wee bit crazy. It's cuz of all them voices beggin to get out for their turn on the paper. I was told it's called imagination, but I guess some don't see it the same way. Maybe we aren't suppose to talk to ourselves while writin 'em down.
Not too long ago, I had me a character flaunting before my eyes that I couldn't of dreamed up if I tried. I watched as he cautiously removed himself from his Lincoln. He was stooped over with a cane so crooked I pondered how it kept him erect. The ol' chap was wearin a pair of white sneakers, tube socks—I only know this cuz his cream colored, corduroy, pants was riding up clean past his belly-button—a cream colored, stripped, button-up shirt, and glasses so'd thought they'd been borrowed from a pop bottle. At least he'd matched. But, it was his hair that caught my attention in the first place. Looked like a comb-over copy of Donald Trump...only this gent's hair was cloud white. I'm tellin ya, I could hear them voices chatterin up a storm, beggin to be this character in a story.
Oh my, this calls for more coffee. Y'all need a refill?
I gave myself a nice surprise the other night. So busy writing, I wasn't paying no mind to what I was doin. I wadded up the open of my empty bag of chips. Gave it a nice slap on the bottom...for some crazed reason only my mind could fathom...and poof. Guess that bag of chips wasn't empty after all. Once them crumbs settled, I had blanketed my keyboard. So, I did the first thing that came to mind. I flipped that keyboard over and gave it a good shakin. Them boys must have multiplied cuz I had me a pile that covered my lap, chair, and the floor. Even my innocent dog, snoozing at my feet, was victimized. She ran to the other room, pausin long enough to glare at me. In all my years of being married, I have never heard such a snort come from Mr. P.. He was laughing so hard he choked on his coffee. My mess wasn't nearly as bad as his. At least mine was dry.
Well, I suppose I better quit flappin my jaws and pretend to get somethin done. I'll see y'all on the next go around.

Take care!

I have recently joined the SOS group, (Silly on Sunday's) with Everything Susan and RealHousewife. If you are interested in sharing your silly stories, you can link up here... Silly on Sunday's with Everything Susan.
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