Thursday, March 20, 2014

What Are You Thankful For On This First Day Of Spring?

It is the first day of Spring! 
photo by tlpoague
Once again I am pressed for time. I never have a dull moment in this busy life of mine. Someone always seems to need something. A bill needs to be paid, or an appointment to attend. I, this week, have let tasks pile up in my excitement to write. (Isn't it awful when we neglect our family to fulfill our addiction of writing.) no random order...are this weeks ten things of thankful.
I am thankful to see the signs of Spring. (We had a small sneeze of snow that it turned to rain in one afternoon.)
I am thankful for my group of friends that helped me this week. Many times I have wanted to throw away my hard work because of excuses; not having time, always interrupted, never knowing what to write, etc..
I am thankful for my son that gave me a good laugh this week.
I am thankful for my wonderful grandsons. Every visit brightens my day. (Along with an exercise regiment I didn't realize I needed.) 
My grandsons
photo by tlpoague
I am thankful for my brother that helped me figure out my web page. It is no where close to where I want it, but he was still very helpful.
I am thankful for the quite time I have had this week to recharge.
I believe that Jesus is Lord and Savior. I am thankful for the literature and people I found this week,on the net, to help me with questions.
I am thankful for answered prayer. I have seen my prayers answered this week in unexpected ways.

It isn't much, but there it is. My week of thanks. I look forward to next week. If by chance you want to join in the fun of sharing your many thanks, link up with Considerings.  

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