Friday, March 28, 2014

What Are You Thankful For This Week?

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It is time again to reflect on this weeks things of thankfulness. What are you thankful for this week? For myself, it was a week of dropping the ball again. I have been late meeting my writing goals but I am thankful that I didn't give up. It guess in this case it was “better late than never”. Why would I be so grateful?
  In the past, when I became discouraged because I couldn't complete a project, I would give up. That one inch of giving up would turn to two, and two to three, until before I knew it weeks had passed before I gave it a shot again. This week I told myself I couldn't give up. Not yet. Not before I found my limits.
I also did something that in the past I wouldn't dream of doing. I began to connect with a group of writers that I have been following for years on HubPages. I am thankful for a chance to get to know them better. I am also thankful for the encouragement I received on my own writing.
  I am thankful that I was bless by God with a sense of humor and a gift to tell a story. For when the time came, I was thankful that I could help a friend with a dose of laughter. It didn't seem like much for me but I know it made a difference to them. (Anytime you need another laugh...look me up. I had a blast.)
My newest grandson
Photo by tlpoague
I am thankful that my grandson was given a clean bill of health on his checkup. It is amazing to see how fast these little tykes grow. I am still questioning where the time went. It doesn't seem possible that he is three weeks old now.
  I am thankful for the patient and loving husband I have. He has done a lot to keep me grounded this week. He gave me encouragement when I needed it. He reminded me why I had chosen a path I did, when I began to revert to my old ways. I may have made his life miserable this week, so I am extremely grateful he loves me and all my flaws.
  Most of all I am grateful for my faith. I know I mention it quite often. It is something that fills my heart to share. I realize not everyone may want to hear it, or believe the same as I do, and that is okay. To be true to myself is to acknowledge that God has worked wonders in my life. I have received many answered prayers again this week. One of them came in the form of a friend that feels the same as myself. If it hadn't of been for that conversation, I may never had taken the time to read my first writings on sharing that faith. I am thankful for that chat.
  If you have something your are thankful for and want to share. Please feel free to do so. Come and join the group TToT sponsored by Considerings. I will see you all again, hopefully before Silly Sunday. If not, come join in the fun with Everything Susan's Silly On Sunday and RealHousewife.

Take care and be well my friends and readers.  
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