Monday, April 21, 2014

Moody Monday With Rusty The Rooster

This morning I wanted to start with the question: What image does the word Easter bring to mind to you? When I hear the word Easter, images of Christ's crucifixion and resurrection come to mind. A scenario where people are flocking to church in their Sunday's best to celebrate the gift of Salvation that God has given.
Then there are the images of family gatherings, dyed eggs, baskets of candies, gifts, tables overflowing with food, and at least one small group of children talking about a crazy relative. (In my family anyway.)
This year our family celebration was going to be missing Big Nam. (He drew the hospital winning lottery where he would be poked and prodded before given a clean bill of health to enjoy an left-over celebrations.)
Family around the area took time to drop in wishing him well and listening to his hospital adventures. When my turn came, I tagged along with his youngest sister. Since it was an hour long drive, we laughed and reminisced about past family gatherings which led to the do I want to be remembered as a grandmother?
I have fond memories of my grandparents, but when asking my children, they mentioned they didn't have that many affectionate memories. (Reasons varied with each child.) I began to worry that my grandchildren may feel the same way because I am a strict but loving grandparent. This was soon dashed by many voices expressing how much little J is a grandma's boy.
So, I flipped the question back to the party that asked. She told me it was an easy answer for her. She wanted to be remembered as “The Crazy Grandma.”. I don't remember asking her why. All I could remember were story lines and images of her pet rooster that she recently acquired from Big Nam. Considering this was an aunt that I had many wonderful memories of as a child, I couldn't help but laugh, because I understood where she was coming from. (I have many a crazy moments myself.)
She had been having fun creating her own stories with her newly acquired pet. Which she allowed me to share with my readers today.
Meet PW and her rooster, Rusty.

Rusty was first introduced to the family in March. Big Nam was on a return trip when he spotted Rusty at a roadside market. He couldn't help but stop when he thought of how much his sister, PW, loved chickens. Not just any chickens...chickens with character.
Meet Rusty the Rooster
Photo by PW
Rusty loves to help cook up an exotic meal.

Photo by PW
Of course there are dishes to be washed after eating such a fine cuisine.
Photo by PW

His favorite hobby is to meet new friends.
Rusty and his new friend
Photo by PW
He even invites his friends to join him to watch TV while PW is at work.
Photo by PW

Sometimes late at night he will try to sneak in a scary movie.
Photo by PW

When frightened, he will run to PW to sleep in her bed for the night.
Photo by PW

She will tell him that he is a big rooster now and should be able to handle watching scary movies. Ashamed, he will make his way back into the front room.
Sometimes when he can't sleep he will raid the fridge.
Photo by PW

Who knows what kind of hidden gems there are to sample.
Photo by PW

The other day he got into trouble with PW for eating the family pet...Mr. Rabbit. I guess the Easter bunny is going to have to look for a new recruit for next year.
Photo by PW

Thanks for following along in the adventures of PW and Rusty. Stay tuned for next weeks Moody Monday. You never know what may come along. See Y'all next time!

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