Monday, May 5, 2014

A Vacation on a Whim

It is amazing to see how God can work in our lives when we pause for a moment and reflect back to an answered prayer, a miracle, or what some would refer to as a God-wink. I had that moment when a prayer was answered a few weeks ago.
It had been a year since I seen my son. He was taking a huge step on his own moving to a different state to start a new job. My hubby and I didn't have many opportunities to drop everything and take a trip since we were tied down to running our business. My son had to wait till he had enough vacation time to fly out. Time passed as both parties waited.
Then one day, out of the blue, an opportunity presented itself. Easter weekend was just beginning to wrap up. I was discouraged, stressed, and feeling confined to my house. Even though I had an enjoyable time celebrating Easter with my daughter and grandchildren, I felt a big chunk of myself was missing. Apparently, my hubby felt the same way.
That night he asked how I would feel to take a trip to see our son.
I said, “Sure, when do you want to go?”
Hubby, “How about tomorrow after the grandson's leave?”
I think I broke my record prepping for a trip.
We mapped out our route and took off as soon as the sun rose. It was the longest 16 hour trip of my life, but well worth it. It felt amazing to unplug, unwind, and just let my woes fade with each passing mile while reconnecting with Mr. P..
I did manage to give myself a panic attach when I realized I had left my camera on my bed. I had one of those DUH moments where I had packed it. Left it in my bag for the night. Then unpacked it to use during our drive. Unfortunately in the chaos to get on the road, I forgot to grab it. Man, did I want to kick myself at that moment for taking it out of my bag. (My son's girlfriend was kind enough to let me borrow her's, but many of the pictures came out blurry. Still, I was grateful to have the chance to take some.)
This is a view of the copper mine my son works at.
photo by tlpoague
I had the time of my life touring my son's work place, rock hunting for hidden gems, bonding with my brother, my son, and the women in their lives, and seeing what life is like in the desert, with a splash of mountains. It was amazing to see a small town with traffic backed up for miles. (Again, I kicked myself for leaving my camera.)
I tried to suppress my fear of snakes, scorpions, and spiders. (Have you ever heard of a rock spider? I didn't but I guess they can grow to the size of a fist.) I felt fortunate enough not to encounter any of the above. I listened to enough stories around the table to last me a life time. That night I had visions of being terrorized by creepy crawlies and poisonous snakes bigger than a man's leg. I can guarantee that camping in that state is a no go in my book.
This is one of the few creepy crawlies I don't mind running into.
photo by tlpoague
I still remember my brother telling me his experience when he thought he was seeing worms on the road after a good rain. Upon closer inspection, it was a migration of tarantulas. I had goosebumps and shivers running down my back thinking of that. My imagination was so creative, when I felt a long strand of hair on my arm I attacked it as if it were a creepy crawly. This created a good laugh with Mr. P..
For eleven days we laughed, played, traveled to see sights, and helped my brother with his greenhouse and aqua-pond garden. I can't wait to go again.
It was fun helping my little bro as he added sky lights to his shed for his aqua-pond greenhouse.
photo by tlpoague
This is one of three containers to his aqua-pond. This one will hold his plants as the water flows from the fish tank, through this plant tank, to the holding tank.
photo by tlpoague 

I give thanks to the Lord for this wonderful and unexpected moment. I have realized that even though there are moments when I feel miles from his presence, he is always there...waiting to bless us.

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