Monday, May 19, 2014

Moody Mondays: Are You So Busy You Can Make Crazy Look Good?

Are you one of those people that have such a busy schedule you don't know if you are coming or going? You know, the kind that takes a disorganized, chaotic schedule and breaks it down to run smooth as silk?
Not me! But I have figured out a way to make going crazy look good.
My children use to ask me, “Where ya going?”
My answer, “Crazy, wanna come?”
At first this was met with a "yes" before they realized what I was talking about. Then over time it was met with their own comical responses. This trick became so popular in my family that everyone has used it at least once.
So, I had to change it up a bit.
“I'm so busy I make crazy look good.”
I can hear it does one make crazy look good? Crazy is just crazy.
Don't laugh...I know to some they may mock the idea...but I call it the power of prayer, handful of scripture, and a load of faith. In my day to day life, I have noticed that if any one of these things are missing, my schedule begins to have a meltdown. It took me awhile to analyzed this.
My children and grandchildren
photo by tlpoague
On days that I don't have much to worry about, except for a bit of writing, it was easy to stick to my early morning ritual. But on days when my schedule is more demanding, or family drops by, and I don't follow my morning ritual, it is a guarantee that at some point during that day I will become too busy to spend a few moments with God. Most of the time I didn't realize it until I went to bed.
I have a friend that enjoys stenciling sayings onto wooden plaques. She has a few that are her favorite but I have two that sick in my mind when I think of her.
photo by tlpoague
“What if today you woke up with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?”
“Sometimes God calms the storm, sometimes he lets the storm rage and calms his children.”
I don't know the author of these sayings but I am grateful the I came across them. Because before now, I hadn't given it much thought about how thankful I was or how I handled life's storms unless asked. Could you imagine what life would be like if God said, “Sorry, I'm too busy today to answer your prayer or give you a hand.”?
I know I would be having a meltdown.
In those moments when I feel a meltdown beginning, I think of two of my favorite scriptures:
“I can do all thing through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Philippians 4:13 
This is a plaque that
can be found in
Hobby Lobby.
photo by tlpoague
“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6
I never have a dull moment in my life with working out a writing schedule, day to day tasks, and being around my children and family. That is why in those unexpected quiet moments, I try to slip away and thank God for my many blessings and talents. And...for helping me to overcome my little box of craziness.

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