Monday, June 30, 2014

Moody Monday's: Having Faith

It's Monday again! That day of the week that is often dreaded. A time to shake of the weekend slumber/fun and head back to the work place.
It is a day that often starts out on the wrong foot. A day where nothing seems to go right. A day that finds most in a slump of negativity. 
So, how does one get past that slump?
I could list a series of ideas but I can't speak for anyone but myself. Each of us deal with life differently. For myself, I seek the Lord. 
It may not be the answer for everyone..but it works for me.
I have been in a slump these last few weeks. I feel the clutches of negativity and stress digging its claws in.  I have tried to face it with humor. I have tried to overcome it with projects. I have tried writing about it. I have been tempted a time or two to post about it. But in the end, none of these methods have worked...until I prayed about it.
God has helped me along the way.
With God:
I have been able to face my fears of success/failure. 
I have set goals and felt the exhilaration of making them. 
I have learned that procrastinating only gets you so far before you have to do something.  
I have learned the path is much easier when trusting God to guide the way.

I have been flipping a coin as to continuing my writing online. I have many irons in the fire that make it difficult to find the time to mingle with everyone I have meet. I love the writing family that has surrounded me and supported me. I am grateful to be a part of it. I don't want to give it up...but, in the same sense...I'm not sure this is the direction I should go. I will continue to pray about. For now, this will be my last post.
I will continue to keep in contact as time allows. 
I will think of you all often. 
I will cherish the time we had together swapping stories, laughs, and support. 
I will always be grateful for the friendships.
I feel blessed with the opportunity to meet and correspond with all of you. 
If in the future you want to chat, just drop me a line on FB or email.
I thank you all for everything you have done to help me to grow as a writer. I wish you all well in your adventures.

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