Monday, September 22, 2014

Moody Monday's: Falling for Fall

Today is the first day of fall. A season I love...and not just because my birthday is coming up soon. It holds so many special memories of hard work, family coming together, and joyous moments.
I love to get up early to watch the sun rise over a background of changing colors. Smelling the harvest upon the shifting cool breeze, I imagine tasting my favorite holiday dishes. I can feel the change of the season deep within my bones. Eyes closed, I listen to the migration of the birds. Their sounds can be heard for miles. Words can't describe the feeling of enjoyment in those few precious moments as I sit there, sipping my coffee, praising God for his canvas of artwork.
photo by tlpoague

This last weekend was a celebration of sorts. It was a non-stop garage sale for three days along Hwy 36. I glanced at a few but mostly hung out with my sisters. We talked of nothing important, chatted with the customers, and soaked up the last bits of summer sun, before the cold of winter sets upon us.
I decided with the changes in the air it was time to do some of my own. Yesterday, I took the time to do some cleaning, decorating, and re-organizing. (It was pretty hard not to do it the Redneck way.)
photo by tlpoague

It reminded me of the times, as a child, we would scurry around to clean before company came. Company meant a time of hard work celebrated with food, fun, and long cherished stories. It was a time when the women would gather around the table, and stove, canning precious food for the winter ahead. The men would gather their guns and head out for some hunting. The children annoyed by the thoughts of school and missing out in the fun, would dash home, eager to be a part of the activities.
photo by tlpoague
I remember my grandmothers, aunts, and mother, teaching me the trades of being a homemaker. There were sewing and crocheting lessons, canning fruit, veggies, and jams, and prepping the meat harvest the men brought home. I still remember the stories that were told, legends that were created, and the laughter.
This weekend is another celebration. It is called the Feast of Trumpets.
It is a time to purge the old, both physically and spiritually, to make room for the new. It is also a time to come before the Lord to give thanks for his blessing. To praise and worship him. A time when we should be watching for Jesus's return to gather his harvest.
I can't wait for the celebrations to start.

What are you plans to celebrate the first day of Fall?  

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