Monday, September 15, 2014

Moody Monday's: The Lengths People Will Go To Earn A Buck

photo by tlpoague
It is one of those rare, quiet mornings where I feel the urge to get up and tackle my day before the sun rose. I grabbed my usual cup of coffee and headed to the computer.
Have you ever caught yourself in a moment where you truly admit you are addicted to something? I sure did, I popped open Facebook in the hopes of getting a message back from a fellow patron. I was disappointed to not see the icon stating I had a message, but it didn't keep me from the thrill anyway. Once I browse through the added garbage that often shows up on my feed, I was off to do some writing.
This was halted by the thought of checking my posts on Bubblews.
“It would only take a second” I thought to myself.
Thirty minutes later I found myself reading a post that had been stolen from a previous post I had just read.
It amazed me the boldness (and length) people will go to make money. It also was a stark reminder how easy it is to loose your earnings to someone like this.
How hard is it to be creative? Something tells me that if you have to steal content to be a shouldn't be in that field. Find something that you are good at and let your creativity shine.
This led me to thinking about this weekend and the excitement surrounding it. If you are a reader that surrounds the state of Kansas, you may have heard of the Hwy 36 Treasure Hunt. All along Hwy 36 from the Colorado border, across Kansas, to the Missouri border, will be a three day Kansas wide garage sale.
I have met many people that spend a better portion of the year creating projects just for this sale. Some of them refurbish old items to give them new life. Others quilt, knit, crochet, or sew items to show off their talents. My favorites are the food...and of course the hidden gems.
It is very much like a treasure hunt. Short of a flea market, I don't think I have seen so many garage sales in my life.
If you are out and about this weekend, and in the area, I would recommend checking it out. You never know what you will find. As for me...well...I've got a few projects to finish in the hopes of making a buck.
The necklace, headbands, and tin can are a few of the projects I have made.
photo by tlpoague

Nothing makes a day of shopping more enjoyable than cookies.
photo by tlpoague

Each of the projects here I made.
photo by tlpoague

Homemade goats soap. It is the best I have found so far.
photo by tlpoague

This lady had loads of time on her hands. She crochet each one of these.
photo by tlpoague

What a cute Christmas gift to give a child this year.
photo by tlpoague

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