Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Signs Of Too Much Drama While Drinking Too Much Java

My powder-puff Bella
photo by tlpoague
On a normal day I find I can laugh in the face of drama. Today, however, it has escaped me. Patience found a fine time to take a vacation. El groucho took its place. 
It began with an abusive stream of sunlight, filtering threw the lace curtains, that burned bright, red, orbs into my eye lids. Instead of dragging myself out of bed to close the door, I made an attempt to roll over, only to find I was tied into my sheets. (Don't ask me how, even I couldn't figure it out at first.) So, with a haze of fog covering my brain cells, I managed to stumble from my warm cocoon.
I could smell the hot java coaxing me to the kitchen. The frigid floors and arctic whisper of a breeze kissed my body into alertness. I was beginning to miss the abusive sunlight. At least it had warmth to it.
With numb hands, beginning to tingle back to life, I cautiously poured my liquid crack into a mug. I knew within moments, whatever the cool air didn't bring to life, the molting java would. Mug to my lips, I felt a tap on my leg. I looked down into a cotton ball of white and a pool of brown eyes. My beast was letting me know that it was time for her doggy crack too. Grunting, I poured her a cup, doctoring it with the usual dose of cream and sugar.
She sniffed it, snorted on the floor, then headed to the door. I guess she felt she needed to go out and take care of business first. (Better outside than inside like yesterday...) Before I could take care of my own business, she was scratching to come in.
Mumbling to the hubby about today's tasks, I dug out my notes so I wouldn't forget the necessary items I needed to take care of before I could get to my addiction of the day...writing!
(Normally I try to begin my day with a cup of java and a bible study.)
Today, I thought to myself, why not tackle a few phone calls before getting dressed. This way I could mentally prep myself for the freezing temperatures awaiting me outside. (I could do my bible study afterward so I wouldn't feel rushed.)
Phone call number one:
Me: “Good morning, I was calling about a prescription that I haven't received yet. It was suppose to be sent a week ago. Sure, I will hold.”
Call is transferred to a different department.
Me: “Good morning, I am calling about a prescription I haven't received yet. Yes, I will hold while you check.”
A few minutes pass...
Me: “What do you mean you don't have orders for a prescription? It was ordered a week ago? Whom do I need to talk to to straighten this out? I don't remember the doctor's name. Yes, I will hold.”
Call is transferred to a different department.
Me: “Hi, I am calling...yes, I'll hold.”
The automated voice is beginning to grate a nerve...three minutes pass.
Meanwhile, I attempted to fill in the hubby what is going on. Since he is preoccupied with another task, the information is filtered from one ear and out the other; followed by a series of “what did you say again?..”
The operator comes back on the line.
Me: “Okay, I was calling because I needed to find out whom the doctor was I had seen so I could get a prescription filled. What do you mean you can't give out that information?”
I feel the tingling of a migraine begin.
Me: “You have to call that department and then they will call me? How long will this take? You don't know? Okay, what is your extension so I can call back if they don't call me?”
I hung up the phone. 
Be calm, breath, it's no big deal...calm, breath, it's not big deal. I was not ready to start my day like this.
Phone call number two:
Me: “Hi, I am calling because...yes, I can wait.”
The hubby quizzes me... “what's up?”
Me: “What do you think, I'm on hold again. Oops, sorry...yes, I was calling to let you know that we needed to cancel our catering job. No, I didn't need a caterer, it was one your party scheduled for us to cater. We will be unable to cater the party because of an injury sustained from a previous job. Okay, thank you.”
Hubby: “Did you have to give them so many details?”
Me: “Um, yes...”
I head back to the kitchen for a second dose of java...I could tell I would need every ounce of it. My expensive Q-tip of a dog decided she needed a second dose too. Well...why not...
I head to the bedroom to get dressed. Waiting for me, just inside the door, was a pile of what-should-have-been folded clothes arranged in a dandy nest, complete with the basket lying on its side. I glanced at the powder puff. She tilted her head to her right side, black lips curled in what-could-only-be described as a grin, and teared up those big, brown eyes. I felt the words...who me?...blaze into my brain while staring back, with a scolding look. She dropped her head. Then she proceeded to plop her 12 pounds of fluff into my chair and stare at me with a pout.
I gave up on finding clothes that weren't wrinkled and dressed. (May as well get the errands over before it started to snow again.)
I bundled up, grabbed the pile of bills that needed to be paid, kissed the hubby, and headed out the door. Immediately, my nose felt like it had been bit by an icicle. I felt the liquid begin to pool in my sinus cavities. I hurried to the truck and dumped my junk into the seat. It would be just my luck that I would miscalculate how cold it was and forget to grab gloves. Being too lazy to run inside, I made due with tucking my hands into my coat sleeves.
I took a deep breath to calm my nerves while telling myself I needed to work on patience. I turned the key to start the truck. Nothing. No clatter of a dead battery. No click of a connection trying to spark. Nothing.
I removed my cold limbs from the vehicle. Grabbed my frozen junk and fumed into the house.

Maybe I should just go back to bed and start this day over...beginning with my bible study.   
How was your day?

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