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Hello Silly Sunday! March 30, 2014

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Good morning blogging world! Welcome back ! Drag up a chair, fill your cup, and welcome to my box of craziness. It is a fabulous day here with the sun shining and a whopping 70 degrees. I think we finally found Spring. 
Just a quick note, this will be my last Silly Sunday I will be posting. My writing schedule is looking to change this next month. Please bare with me as I sort out the details.
I will be starting a Moody Monday for anyone whom may be interested. Just send me a shout out if you would like to join. There are no rules and no commitment. I am working on getting a link inserted into my blog so you can link yours. I'll be beginning tomorrow. I think it will be a great way to share some joy or just vent your heart out.
I had an interesting phone call the other day. I called my mom for a change to check in and pick her brain for ideas. (I have had a crazy week of mixing up my days and nights that I feel fried my last brain cell. Of course, in my case, that doesn't take much.)
We started our little chat playing catch up with the family. She told me about the weather where she is, while I shared with her Pie's and Bean's latest adventures. (My week was pretty dull next to theirs.) Pie was at work one day when a cockroach decided to pay her a visit. He made his dramatic announcement by landing on her head as she was sorting statements. (I would have loved to been a fly on the wall to see that one.) Bean had to do some Redneck repairs to her kitchen sink. She had to conduct a massive blow out to a clogged drain. (I'm glad I wasn't there for that one. I hear the smell was awful!)
This conversation somehow led to April Fool's Day coming up. (Do you have your list of April Fool's gags ready?) I couldn't help but share about my famous Road Kill Jerky prank I wrote about. Mom said the best one she pulled was convincing one of my siblings to check their blinker fluid. (You know you are out of blinker fluid when the blinker doesn't turn on.)
Soon we were laughing as we discussed how this younger generation hasn't a clue about old fashion terms or items...such as...
What is a mothball?
Moth balls are toxic white balls that deter certain bugs from haunting your house. (My mother had asked a clerk this one day while shopping. When the clerk asked what a moth ball's reply simply was...if you don't know what one is, chances are you don't carry them.)
What is oleo?
Oleo is an old fashion term used back in the grandparent's day for butter. (One of my siblings thought this was a type of cookie.)
What is lard?
Lard is animal fat that has been rendered down to a solid substance similar to shortening. (My sister had fun trying to explain this one to a store clerk.)
The most priceless one that had me roaring was...
What is elbow grease?
I have lost count how many children have fallen for this one. (Myself included!) I was cackling with laughter watching a cousin search under every sink in the house and household product for elbow grease. When she finally exhausted herself, she stated, “I think we are out of elbow grease. I can't find any anywhere. (Her poor mother could hardly keep a straight face as she explained that elbow grease came from how hard you used your arm to scrub a spot. I thought my cousin was going to have a fit.)
As our conversation wound to an end, I told mom that Bean had pulled a good one on her boys. She told them to be careful how they acted, otherwise they would reap what they sow with their actions. One of them told her, he couldn't reap anything because he didn't know how to sew.
Ahh, look at the time. Well, I suppose I should pretend to get some work done. I thought about getting a pass to the gym, then I realized. Free exercise...clean house!
So, in closing, I would like to mention again that if you are interested in joining the Moody Monday, just let me know. ( I will do my best to get you linked in. (Unless I can get that nasty button to work for me, then you can just add your link.)

Y'all have a good one and see ya Monday.
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