Monday, March 31, 2014

Welcome to Moody Monday

Welcome to the first Moody Monday Blog.
Are you having one of those days where you want to crawl back in bed and start the day over? Would you like to share your thoughts and feelings about it? Drift on over. You have come to the right place. I welcome you to Moody Monday.
Moody Monday was created as a way to express joys or vent the heart out. You can share any emotion that pulls your strings. (I will try to have the tissues ready if you need one. Laughs are life's best prescriptions.)
Just to give a brief description for those that would like to join the fun...there are no rules or commitments. Time is precious for a writer. Sometimes it is hard to commit to a new project. The only thing that I ask is to leave a comment to let others know you are here and a link to your Moody Monday. (Feel free to use the photo of Moody Monday. Just add the caption tlpoague) That way we can spread the love.
Grab yourself a cup and let's get this party started!
photo by momster
My mood today that I would like to share is CHAOS! I know, I know, chaos really isn't a mood but I feel like my mind is spinning enough to give myself whiplash. My emotions are like a roller coaster stuck in overdrive.
Organized chaos can only begin to skim the surface of what I am feeling, as I try to prep to get this blog ready. Excitement bubbled over starting something new. That quickly drifted to fear of screwing up. I was plagued with doubt. I did screw up trying to figure out the codes for my links. (I am by no means computer tech savvy.) My chest hurt as a panic attack threatened to freeze me in concern. (What made me think I was capable of pulling this off?)
"Take a deep breath..." I told myself as I saw spots form before my eyes.
What is the worst thing that can happen?
Focus. Focus again. There...that wasn't so bad. I made it. I have wrote my first blog on this step to an amazing adventure.
No worries that it will fail. If anything it is one more step to freedom as a writer. No more doubt. No more anguish. Only the outcome of something good.
I am a person. Flaws happen. I know I can get over my Fear of Failure...if only I try.

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hello Silly Sunday! March 30, 2014

Photo by tlpoague
Good morning blogging world! Welcome back ! Drag up a chair, fill your cup, and welcome to my box of craziness. It is a fabulous day here with the sun shining and a whopping 70 degrees. I think we finally found Spring. 
Just a quick note, this will be my last Silly Sunday I will be posting. My writing schedule is looking to change this next month. Please bare with me as I sort out the details.
I will be starting a Moody Monday for anyone whom may be interested. Just send me a shout out if you would like to join. There are no rules and no commitment. I am working on getting a link inserted into my blog so you can link yours. I'll be beginning tomorrow. I think it will be a great way to share some joy or just vent your heart out.
I had an interesting phone call the other day. I called my mom for a change to check in and pick her brain for ideas. (I have had a crazy week of mixing up my days and nights that I feel fried my last brain cell. Of course, in my case, that doesn't take much.)
We started our little chat playing catch up with the family. She told me about the weather where she is, while I shared with her Pie's and Bean's latest adventures. (My week was pretty dull next to theirs.) Pie was at work one day when a cockroach decided to pay her a visit. He made his dramatic announcement by landing on her head as she was sorting statements. (I would have loved to been a fly on the wall to see that one.) Bean had to do some Redneck repairs to her kitchen sink. She had to conduct a massive blow out to a clogged drain. (I'm glad I wasn't there for that one. I hear the smell was awful!)
This conversation somehow led to April Fool's Day coming up. (Do you have your list of April Fool's gags ready?) I couldn't help but share about my famous Road Kill Jerky prank I wrote about. Mom said the best one she pulled was convincing one of my siblings to check their blinker fluid. (You know you are out of blinker fluid when the blinker doesn't turn on.)
Soon we were laughing as we discussed how this younger generation hasn't a clue about old fashion terms or items...such as...
What is a mothball?
Moth balls are toxic white balls that deter certain bugs from haunting your house. (My mother had asked a clerk this one day while shopping. When the clerk asked what a moth ball's reply simply was...if you don't know what one is, chances are you don't carry them.)
What is oleo?
Oleo is an old fashion term used back in the grandparent's day for butter. (One of my siblings thought this was a type of cookie.)
What is lard?
Lard is animal fat that has been rendered down to a solid substance similar to shortening. (My sister had fun trying to explain this one to a store clerk.)
The most priceless one that had me roaring was...
What is elbow grease?
I have lost count how many children have fallen for this one. (Myself included!) I was cackling with laughter watching a cousin search under every sink in the house and household product for elbow grease. When she finally exhausted herself, she stated, “I think we are out of elbow grease. I can't find any anywhere. (Her poor mother could hardly keep a straight face as she explained that elbow grease came from how hard you used your arm to scrub a spot. I thought my cousin was going to have a fit.)
As our conversation wound to an end, I told mom that Bean had pulled a good one on her boys. She told them to be careful how they acted, otherwise they would reap what they sow with their actions. One of them told her, he couldn't reap anything because he didn't know how to sew.
Ahh, look at the time. Well, I suppose I should pretend to get some work done. I thought about getting a pass to the gym, then I realized. Free exercise...clean house!
So, in closing, I would like to mention again that if you are interested in joining the Moody Monday, just let me know. ( I will do my best to get you linked in. (Unless I can get that nasty button to work for me, then you can just add your link.)

Y'all have a good one and see ya Monday.
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Everything Susan
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Friday, March 28, 2014

What Are You Thankful For This Week?

Photo by tlpoague
It is time again to reflect on this weeks things of thankfulness. What are you thankful for this week? For myself, it was a week of dropping the ball again. I have been late meeting my writing goals but I am thankful that I didn't give up. It guess in this case it was “better late than never”. Why would I be so grateful?
  In the past, when I became discouraged because I couldn't complete a project, I would give up. That one inch of giving up would turn to two, and two to three, until before I knew it weeks had passed before I gave it a shot again. This week I told myself I couldn't give up. Not yet. Not before I found my limits.
I also did something that in the past I wouldn't dream of doing. I began to connect with a group of writers that I have been following for years on HubPages. I am thankful for a chance to get to know them better. I am also thankful for the encouragement I received on my own writing.
  I am thankful that I was bless by God with a sense of humor and a gift to tell a story. For when the time came, I was thankful that I could help a friend with a dose of laughter. It didn't seem like much for me but I know it made a difference to them. (Anytime you need another laugh...look me up. I had a blast.)
My newest grandson
Photo by tlpoague
I am thankful that my grandson was given a clean bill of health on his checkup. It is amazing to see how fast these little tykes grow. I am still questioning where the time went. It doesn't seem possible that he is three weeks old now.
  I am thankful for the patient and loving husband I have. He has done a lot to keep me grounded this week. He gave me encouragement when I needed it. He reminded me why I had chosen a path I did, when I began to revert to my old ways. I may have made his life miserable this week, so I am extremely grateful he loves me and all my flaws.
  Most of all I am grateful for my faith. I know I mention it quite often. It is something that fills my heart to share. I realize not everyone may want to hear it, or believe the same as I do, and that is okay. To be true to myself is to acknowledge that God has worked wonders in my life. I have received many answered prayers again this week. One of them came in the form of a friend that feels the same as myself. If it hadn't of been for that conversation, I may never had taken the time to read my first writings on sharing that faith. I am thankful for that chat.
  If you have something your are thankful for and want to share. Please feel free to do so. Come and join the group TToT sponsored by Considerings. I will see you all again, hopefully before Silly Sunday. If not, come join in the fun with Everything Susan's Silly On Sunday and RealHousewife.

Take care and be well my friends and readers.  
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Is A Housewife Unworthy Because She Doesn't Hold a Job?

This is what I want to look like most days.
Photo by tlpoague
What does a housewife mean to you? Are you one or know of one? Do you think that because a housewife doesn't hold a job, she is unworthy?
I was having a chat the other day with a friend. Some of you may know her as RealHousewife. We were talking about how some people view housewives. Did you know that there are people that think being a housewife is unworthy? They see them as having no status, no self worth, just a free-loader off their spouse or partner.
  Let me tell ya, unless you have been a housewife, you will have know clue how much work it takes to be one. Sure anyone can take out the trash, do some laundry, and pay some bills. The question is...have you ever tried to accomplish those tasks while having a crying baby attached to your hip, a phone plugged in your ear, and wiping up the dog package on the floor? Sound easy? Let's add a time-line to this scenario. Let's say you have important company coming—or a TV guy to install your dish-- you have only thirty minutes to take out the trash, wash the sticky Kool-aid on the tile, change a blown out diaper, bath the other child covered in sugar, finish your conversation with your doctor on the phone, while your hubby just walks in the door early for lunch. Do you still think a housewife is worthless?
This is how I look most days.
Photo by tlpoague
I have been a housewife for years. I remember days of little-to-no sleep because my children slept in shifts, despite trying to keep them on a schedule. I remember days of finding a balance between being a chauffeur, secretary, doctor, and maid. It is not an easy task when a household depends on you to remember everything.
  During the few years I did work, I seen work as a vacation. A brief moment to get away and recharge. It didn't take long for me to realize I didn't like working. I was filled with guilt that I wasn't there for my children and husband as they needed me. I was wasting finances working to pay a sitter. I disliked how the house felt detached and unorganized. Family bonding hour meant a lot, and still does, even now that my children are grown and moved into their own homes.
  I have a faith in the Lord that helps me in my struggles of being a homemaker. On those days when I am feeling unworthy, I seek the guidance of God. It may take simple prayer or only a verse to remind me how blessed I am with the gifts I have been given.
Proverbs 31:10-31 gives a description of a good wife (homemaker/housewife). It is a woman that her husband trusts with all his heart. She is a craftsman (craftswoman) that takes pleasure fulfilling the needs of her family. She is the seamstress, crafter, designer. She is a chef and baker. She is a gardener. She is a giver to those in need. She is a woman filled with strength and honor in herself, and her family.

I will always take pride in being a housewife.   

To read more on our chat of what a housewife is click on ...RealHousewife 

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Silly Sunday March 23, 2014

photo by Momster
Today has been one of those days. I knew better than to plan anything but decided I would give it a shot anyway. I began my day like any other. Oh wait...I couldn't sleep this morning due to extra bodies camping out in my front room. Okay, so I attempted to start my day like any other but was quickly distracted. By the time I could get back to my brain failed me...yet again...due to family drama...but...with a phone call...I was able to quickly get back on track.
Momster, my sister, has been spending the last week dealing with a bit of grief. When my mother-in-law passed, it brought back memories of Momster loosing Challks last year. She tried to see a therapist which she didn't think helped. When the therapist asked her how she dealt with her emotions, Momster replied, “I destroy my house.” And she promptly pulled out her phone to show the therapist pictures of her front room. This left the therapist a bit speechless.

So, with Momster's permission, I give you...her destroyed front room.
photo by Momster
  It began with a simple design.
photo by Momster
She then decided to expand with a few flowers.
photo by Momster
This led to her boys wanting to add a bit of therapy of their own.
photo by Momster
Soon it began to grow...
photo by Momster

And grow...
photo by Momster

And grow...
photo by Momster

Until she felt it was perfect. Then for a finishing touch, she added a poem that inspired her and her children.
photo by Momster

(The mirror you see on the wall was made by my sister, Pie, and her daughter for Momster's birthday.)

I have recently joined the SOS group, (Silly on Sunday's) with Everything Susan and RealHousewife. If you are interested in sharing your silly stories, you can link up here...Silly on Sunday's
Everything Susan

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

What Are You Thankful For On This First Day Of Spring?

It is the first day of Spring! 
photo by tlpoague
Once again I am pressed for time. I never have a dull moment in this busy life of mine. Someone always seems to need something. A bill needs to be paid, or an appointment to attend. I, this week, have let tasks pile up in my excitement to write. (Isn't it awful when we neglect our family to fulfill our addiction of writing.) no random order...are this weeks ten things of thankful.
I am thankful to see the signs of Spring. (We had a small sneeze of snow that it turned to rain in one afternoon.)
I am thankful for my group of friends that helped me this week. Many times I have wanted to throw away my hard work because of excuses; not having time, always interrupted, never knowing what to write, etc..
I am thankful for my son that gave me a good laugh this week.
I am thankful for my wonderful grandsons. Every visit brightens my day. (Along with an exercise regiment I didn't realize I needed.) 
My grandsons
photo by tlpoague
I am thankful for my brother that helped me figure out my web page. It is no where close to where I want it, but he was still very helpful.
I am thankful for the quite time I have had this week to recharge.
I believe that Jesus is Lord and Savior. I am thankful for the literature and people I found this week,on the net, to help me with questions.
I am thankful for answered prayer. I have seen my prayers answered this week in unexpected ways.

It isn't much, but there it is. My week of thanks. I look forward to next week. If by chance you want to join in the fun of sharing your many thanks, link up with Considerings.  

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Silly Sunday March 16, 2014

photo by tlpoague
“Dig deep and look for the humor”, I have been telling myself, as I deal with the family drama this week. Sometimes it is pretty easy. I can find things to laugh about. Other days...I have a dark cloud that just hovers and won't go away. It is on those days that I dig deep in my faith.
If you believe in God, you know that there will be times in your life when you are faced with a trial. How you handle that trial will determine how you grow as a Christian. You may stand, shaking your fist, and crying “Why, why me?”, or, “why now?”. There may be times when you drop to your knees and plead for strength...or a way to cope. If you think about it, how can you grow as a person if you live in a bubble that is always safe? If you are always can your experiences help others?
Not too long ago, I was listening to a Christian comedian, Patsy Clairmont. I had stumbled across her while channel surfing, in my car, on a trip, out of town. My attention was captured when she started to talk about how God had worked in her life. It prompted me to look at my life and how I handle some of my trials. Especially after the last few weeks I had.
I caught myself, this last week, saying something along the lines of, “okay, Lord, I can handle this...”. 
God must have thought so too, because before I knew it, I had another situation on my plate. 
So, then I caught myself asking, “Lord, could I have a dose of humor to go with it?”
I was visiting with a friend the other day. She was dealing with some difficulties of her own. I couldn't help but have you been handling it?
Her answer, “I just call your daughter and borrow her son.”
I couldn't help but chuckle. How can a dark cloud compete with the contagious laughter and antics of a 14 month old?
God had answered my prayer. 
photo by tlpoague
It came in a whirlwind of a bundle, complete with an angelic face, dimples, dark eyes, and a mischievous grin. I knew when he would be gearing up for something. That mischievous grin would widened, causing those little dimples to pop. His dark eyes would sparkled as he stuck his tiny tongue out in concentration. Once those black eyebrows began to rise, it was time to get up off my lazy bum and be ready for some action.
So, I caught myself saying, “Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful blessing. I needed that today.”

I find I don't have time to be depressed or negative, IF, I remember to lift it to the Lord. My day is instead filled with joy. A cup full of happiness that runneth over. It isn't always easy. Some days it will take more work than others. But, for the most part, I try to look for the rainbow after the storm and remind myself in the Lord. 

I have recently joined the SOS group, (Silly on Sunday's) with Everything Susan and RealHousewife. If you are interested in sharing your silly stories, you can link up here... Silly on Sunday's with Everything Susan.
Everything Susan

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Giving Thanks For The Little Things

Photo by tlpoague

I came across other blogs sharing their top ten things they were thankful for this week. After thinking about it for a bit, I decided to join in the fun. Sometimes when life is busy, we get caught up in the cycle of chaos, and loose track of those tiny things to be thankful for. Here are my top ten for this week.
10. I am thankful for my gift of writing. I love having the ability to create something others enjoy reading.
  9. I am thankful for my gift of baking. It was something I never thought about much until two family members mentioned missing a loved one and how much my baking reminded them of the loved ones that had passed.
  8. I am thankful for my gift of crafting. Last night I had a loved one tell me that she enjoyed her gift so much she wore it all the time. She has had many people ask her where they could buy one. I have toyed with the idea of selling my products, but enjoyed seeing the smiles when they are given as unexpected gifts instead.
  7. I am thankful for the fellow writers from the different websites I write on. I have learned so much from their writing and advice they have shared. They have helped me to overcome many fears and obstacles.
  6. I am thankful for my readers. Whom could consider themselves a writer if it weren't for the readers? Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my ramblings.
  5. I am thankful that I was able to see my extended family despite the circumstances surrounding it.
  4. I am thankful for my parents, brothers, and sisters that support me, even during the times we don't see eye to eye. (I am also glad that they are willing to share their stories so I might have more colorful things to write about.) 
  3.  I am thankful for my amazing children. I am proud to see how far they have come in their short lives. It brightens my day when they call asking for help, or just to say...I love you.
  2. I am thankful for my husband. He has taught me much, helped me to conquer my dreams, and loved me fearlessly.
  1. I am thankful for my faith in my Lord and Savior. I have seen and experienced miracles that only God, himself, could have done. He has been my rock in the good times and the bad...always waiting... always caring.

This has been fun. I look forward to doing it again. I wish my readers well and hope to see you on the next go around. If you would like to join in the fun...check it out here.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Today's Throwback Thursday March 13, 2014

photo by tlpoague
I asked this question yesterday to see how others would answer...Have you ever had one of those days were you just want to crawl back in bed and start the week over?
I have been struggling this week with the pressures of FAMILY DRAMA. Coming from a large family it doesn't take much to set off the honeycomb. I don't know about others, but in my family, when this happens it will set the bees buzzing for hours. Sometimes this will make for some interesting stories to write about. Other times, if allowed too, it can affect one's writing. This is where my struggle began.
I have set a goal in my writing. I knew this would be the most difficult thing for me simply because I have a large family and things happen. To avoid some of these issues, I have begun to set rules. But again, things happen.
To simply put it, this is how my week has went so far. (Take a deep breath...)
Thursday of last week, while my daughter was visiting-and wondering if she would ever have her baby-we received news concerning my mother-in-law. She has been sick with a quick acting leukemia. Family was called in to say their good-byes.
Friday my daughter had her beautiful baby. (If curious how that went check out Silly Sunday.)
Saturday was family bonding hour with the new baby and a rambunctious 14 month old.
Sunday started with a phone call that my mother-in-law had passed. This posted a delay in my writing since the family tree on both sides of the family needed contacted. (Have you ever tried a five way phone call that lasted over four hours? It can be done!)
Just when I thought I had a handle on things and was enjoying telling the story of my grandson, I received another disturbing phone call. My brother, with his kids, had been in a car accident. No one was hurt but the trailer and equipment behind it. This set the bees buzzing again. By the time I had called one of my sisters-once again-she answered...without even a hello, "if this is more bad news, I don't want to hear it till tomorrow." It was...a friend of the family had passed.
I couldn't help but question where I would find the time to finish my writing. Amazingly, without more interruptions, I did.
Monday was spent with a trip to the doctor, in a town, five hours away. I did manage to find time to write my first hub of the month for HubPages.
Posting the hub was another story. Have you ever spent an hour, working hard on your masterpiece, only to click the wrong button, and watch it disappear before you eyes? I did! I wanted to have a stroke. I had forgotten that the work was still saved. It just moved to the bottom of my list. In my wild state of panic, I couldn't find it, so I started the whole process over again. Then, I did what I usually do...I called my sister, Momster. She is always helpful when it comes to finding humor through the negativity. It was during this phone call that I realized I had forgotten she was out of town. She had taken her son in for surgery. He needed pins put in a finger he had broken, while at school. That was my Tuesday.
Wednesday, I had the perfect topic picked out. Wordless Wednesday's word for the day was going to be frustration. It was frustrating that I couldn't get my words to flow. I started two different articles, but still, I couldn't find the humor in them. (This is how I deal with trauma...I mean drama....writing and humor!) I finally found my voice only to be interrupted. My daughter was bringing the grandboys over. And so...I didn't get to finish my articles, but after asking for help on Facebook, I did figure out how to find my little bit of humor.
Today is a funeral for a friend in the family. It is also going to be spent going, out of town, to the doctor's again for another family member. (This is what happens when you live in the sticks.) I am taking along my trusty notebook and a well sharpened pencil, with the hopes that I can find my next story lurking around the corner. If by chance I don't find the time to post my Friday story, know that I am attending my mother-in-law's funeral, and thinking about when I can get back to writing.
"How do you keep you sanity in all of this?" You ask. It is my faith I have in my Lord and Savior. When times seem difficult I reflect on the scripture, Philippians 4:13, "I can do all thing through Christ which strengtheneth me." Then I did deep and seek the humor.
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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Silly Sunday March 9, 2014

Meet the newest addition
photo by tlpoague
I will begin with an apology for those that were looking forward to reading this weeks blogs and being let down. Life here has been a bit on the crazy side.
Most of this week has been spent with my very pregnant daughter...taking her to the doctor's appointments, shopping for baby, babysitting, and such. By Thursday, my daughter was in the miserable stage of her pregnancy. She had been having false alarms, slightly dilated, and feeling as if she were the size of a beached whale. She was beginning to appear desperate. Ready to have this child no matter what it took.
I was feeling the pressure of not being able to focus on my writing. I felt I was just getting into the grove. Building a writing platform. Finding topics to write about that wouldn't put someone to sleep. Feeling the flow from the screen. So, hovering in my own fantasy world, I casually mentioned that if she was that desperate to have this child go about it the old school way...good ol' caster oil. Just a splash would go a long way. I didn't expect her to take it literal. (I would not, I repeat not, do this at home.)
Before I knew it, she was on the computer looking up the side effects and results of experiences from other women. Then I was driving her to the store for the tiny bottle that packed a wallop. She swallowed a teaspoon full with a glass of milk and waited...and waited...and waited.
No pain.
No side effect.
Four hours passed before she decided to up the dose. Two teaspoons with a milk chaser. (Just a note: castor oil curdles the milk a bit I am told.)
Time slowly passed again. Still no results. By seven in the evening, she states “What the heck!” and swallows two tablespoons of oil with the milk chaser. I raise my eyebrow and pondered to myself...what am I in for?
Time ticked by. Nothing. She felt the same as she did when she awoke...frustrated. I gave her a ride home and told her to call if anything happened. I figured it would kick in by ten if there was going to be any action this night.
See...the thing with castor oil is that it only works if the woman drinking it is ready to be induced. Otherwise the unfortunate soul spends many an hour re-leaving herself of a very messy build-up. (I will leave the rest of that to the imagination.)
I decided that it was best to play it safe than sorry and went to bed as soon as I returned home. I had a feeling that this could be a long night.
It took awhile for Mr. P to unwind and come to bed that night. I awoke as he crawled in beside me. He gave me a peck on the cheek, telling me he loved me, just as the phone began to ring. It was our daughter...breathless.
“Mom,” she gasped, “I think this stuff is working.”
Something tingled in the back of my mind telling me this was more urgent then she let on.
“I'm on the way.” I told her.
Hanging up the phone, I asked Mr. P. if he was going to go with us. He decided he would pass for now because last time she had been in labor for eleven hours. He figured he could catch a quick nap then drive down. (It was a 40 minute drive to the hospital.) I kissed him again and told him I would call him later.
It was a little after two in the morning by the time I had arrived at her house. I knocked on the door. No one answered after a minute. I knocked again and was getting a bit concerned because it was taking so long. Finally the boyfriend cracked open the door. He looked like he had been giving blood at the blood bank, and they forgot to stop. It was obvious that the situation hadn't registered yet because he was still wandering around like molasses in the snow. Mommy mode kicked in and I took charge.
“Okay, here is what we need...” I began to tell the boyfriend.
My daughter came around the corner, hugging a towel around her bulge, and grasping the wall like a lifeline.
She took one look at me and said, “I hate you. I hate castor oil.”
I couldn't help it. I started laughing. It wasn't like I had twisted her arm to take it.
“So...,” I started to say.
She held up her finger as if to say, “one minute”, while a contraction rippled threw her body.
“I think this stuff is working.” She said once she caught her breath, “I have been pooping like a goose.”
“How long have you been in the shower?” I asked.
“I think thirty minutes. It was long enough to run out the hot water.” She replied as another contraction hit.
Okay, I thought to myself, this cuts our time a bit. I hope I have enough time to make it.
This spurned me into faster action. I started barking orders like they were my military boys. Within minutes...and a few more trips into the bathroom for safe measure...we were on our way.
There were two towns between us and the hospital. I had prayed that we would make it there without being pulled over, have any accidents, or mechanical issues on the way. I tried to watch my speed and for any critters that wanted to commit suicide. Meanwhile, I had the boyfriend timing the contractions from the back seat as reality was starting to set in for him. Little J, the grand baby, snoozed away like nothing was wrong. My daughter, Pokey, was trying really hard not to deliver early...whether it was the baby or the liquid stuff. There was only a brief moment there where I had to pull over because she thought she needed to use the bathroom.
“False alarm!” she called as she buckled herself back in. Off we raced again to the hospital. She counted down the miles with each contraction. I tried my best to humor her with some dry jokes.
Nurses were waiting for us as we pulled into the parking lot. The boyfriend went to retrieve a wheelchair while I extracted Little J. from his car seat. I grabbed what baby paraphernalia I could carry, while the boyfriend wheeled Pokey into the delivery room.
Still in my military mode, I told the nurse Pokey was having contractions two minutes apart and one minute long. The nurse nodded her head like it was no big deal, jotting a note on her hand.
Pokey quickly changed into a gown. I changed Little J.'s diaper, while the boyfriend ran out to grab the pack-n-play crib. Inside, I felt like throwing my arms up in the air like the cowboys in a rodeo, cheering, “We made it!”
Instead, I corralled Little J. in his crib, as soon as it was up, and started playing coach to Pokey.
“Breath deep breaths.” I would say as I rubbed her arm.
“Where's the epidural?” She would respond.
“It's coming honey, but I doubt Jr. here is going to wait for it.”
The doctor stepped into the room. It didn't take long to see the reaction on his face and know that this baby was coming sooner than even he anticipated.
The nurse calmly said, as she was inserting the IV into a vein, “I have call for your epidural. They are coming as quick as they can.”
I started laughing again. The boyfriend held Pokey's hand for support, while his other one had a death grip on the cupboard handle. He had a green glow about him, followed by a slight sway.
With another chuckle, I asked him, “Do you pass out at the sight of blood?”
The boyfriend shook his head stating a reply that sounded like, “I don't know. I'm trying not to look.” He faced the wall he had glued himself too.
This caused the doctor to pause, adding his two cents, “I don't think I can catch you too. Why don't you pull up that chair next to you.”
Through the chaos around me, I noticed that Little J. hadn't let out a squawk. I glanced around the doctor to see how the babe was doing. He was standing in his crib, bottle in his mouth, watching the commotion going on, intently studying what everyone was doing. This surprised me. I figured that with this much noise and his mom hollering at the top of her lungs, the baby would be joining in. Not him. He was too impressed with all the gadgets the nurses had hovering a few feet away from him.
The doctor's voice drew me back to Pokey. Jr. had decided it was time to enter the world. As his tiny feet cleared the run way, I hollered, “it's a girl!”
The boyfriend nearly gave himself whiplash as he turned to look. Pokey rolled her eyes. The doctor gave me a concerned look that said...I think she lost her mind. I started laughing again.
“Just kidding!” I told Pokey as I gave her a kiss.
I was so proud of my little girl bringing this little bundle of joy into the world. 
The nurse leaned over to Pokey and gave her a pat on the arm.
“Well, honey,” she quietly said, “I just wanted to let you know that your epidural is here.”
This sent me into another fit of laughing.
Once the smoked cleared, we celebrated the birth of a 7 pound, 3 ounce little boy.
Pokey was one happy Momma. I was on the phone telling Mr. P how proud he would be of his little girl. I couldn't wait to pass along the good news.

I love being a grandma! 
Photo by tlpoague
Big brother with his little brother.

Stay tuned for next week's Silly Sunday.

I have recently joined the SOS group, (Silly on Sunday's) with Everything Susan and RealHousewife. If you are interested in sharing your silly stories, you can link up here... Silly on Sunday's with Everything Susan.

Till next time...take care!

tlpoague 2014

Silly Sunday-March 2, 2014

Can you see that doggy in the snow drift...arf, arf,
photo by tlpoague
Good morning! Welcome, welcome, come on in and have a spot of tea, or a cup of your favorite java. I even have hot chocolate to give ya a shot of sugar to warm your veins. It's a cold one out there!
How's the weather in your area? It is so cold here, I fear my rear has become permanently attached to this chair. My poor bundle of fluff could barely made it to the edge of the porch to do her business. She was back in a flash before I could shut the door.
Please forgive my stumbling of words. My brain is still trying to thaw. Who knows what may fumble out before I've had a chance to process it.
Did you see that picture of the Smurf baby touring the net? Ya know...the one that looked like he had poo'd a cake? I thought the poor kid was on a rampage cuz someone was going to steal his baby crack. That's a lot of sugar for a small fry. Goodness, that reminds me of when we celebrated my grandson's 1st birthday. He wouldn't touch his cake. I guess he thought it might bite him back.
That cavity search on the toilet my nephew performed went well. They were able to extract out the plastic culprit with minor difficulties. I'm still wrapping my noggin around how Zee thought it would fit down the pipe. Kids these days...
Y'all remember Big Nam? Well, he informed me, the other day, that he doesn't like his online name. He was even less happier when he found out how his grandson came up with it. Goodness, he was fuming so bad he wouldn't talk to me for a bit. I don't know wasn't like I was talking bad about him or something. I was making him a legend for the youngsters in our clan. Anyway, I decided to use his ol' nickname from back in the day...Slim. We'll see how mad he gets this go around. Quirks and all, I think he's priceless. I sure love my dad. He will always be a legend in my eyes.
I finally figured out why some people think writers are a bit strange. Maybe even a wee bit crazy. It's cuz of all them voices beggin to get out for their turn on the paper. I was told it's called imagination, but I guess some don't see it the same way. Maybe we aren't suppose to talk to ourselves while writin 'em down.
Not too long ago, I had me a character flaunting before my eyes that I couldn't of dreamed up if I tried. I watched as he cautiously removed himself from his Lincoln. He was stooped over with a cane so crooked I pondered how it kept him erect. The ol' chap was wearin a pair of white sneakers, tube socks—I only know this cuz his cream colored, corduroy, pants was riding up clean past his belly-button—a cream colored, stripped, button-up shirt, and glasses so'd thought they'd been borrowed from a pop bottle. At least he'd matched. But, it was his hair that caught my attention in the first place. Looked like a comb-over copy of Donald Trump...only this gent's hair was cloud white. I'm tellin ya, I could hear them voices chatterin up a storm, beggin to be this character in a story.
Oh my, this calls for more coffee. Y'all need a refill?
I gave myself a nice surprise the other night. So busy writing, I wasn't paying no mind to what I was doin. I wadded up the open of my empty bag of chips. Gave it a nice slap on the bottom...for some crazed reason only my mind could fathom...and poof. Guess that bag of chips wasn't empty after all. Once them crumbs settled, I had blanketed my keyboard. So, I did the first thing that came to mind. I flipped that keyboard over and gave it a good shakin. Them boys must have multiplied cuz I had me a pile that covered my lap, chair, and the floor. Even my innocent dog, snoozing at my feet, was victimized. She ran to the other room, pausin long enough to glare at me. In all my years of being married, I have never heard such a snort come from Mr. P.. He was laughing so hard he choked on his coffee. My mess wasn't nearly as bad as his. At least mine was dry.
Well, I suppose I better quit flappin my jaws and pretend to get somethin done. I'll see y'all on the next go around.

Take care!

I have recently joined the SOS group, (Silly on Sunday's) with Everything Susan and RealHousewife. If you are interested in sharing your silly stories, you can link up here... Silly on Sunday's with Everything Susan.
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